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Event description


Year 5&6


17th November 2021

Time: 10:00-14:00

*Times are subject to change so please keep an eye out


Primary School Host (TBD)



Teams are made up of 12 players, with only 5 allowed on court at any time. Teams can substitute as many times as they like, but can only do so when the ball is not in play.

Basketball is a team game where the aim of the game is to score more points than the opposing team. A game lasts for four, ten-minute periods, with the clock stopping when the ball is not in play.



Points are scored by shooting the ball through a hoop suspended 10 feet off the floor. Shots from open play count as two points, unless they are released from outside the 'three point arc', in which case they are worth three points

Players are permitted to commit four fouls in a game, as soon as they commit their fifth foul they are not allowed to take further part.


Free Throws - unchallenged shots taken from the free throw line - are worth one point. Players are awarded free throws if they are fouled whilst shooting the ball as well as every time the opposing team commits a foul if they have already committed four fouls in the period.


Players are able to move freely about the court at all times, except the player with the ball, who may only move if they 'dribble' the ball. Dribbling is the act of continuously bouncing the ball onto the floor with one hand. If a player ends their dribble, i.e. they allow the ball to come to rest in one or both hands, they are not allowed to start a new dribble until the ball has been shot or it has been touched by another player.


A foul is illegal personal contact with an opponent. In essence all players are entitled to the space which they already occupy and are entitled to attempt to move to any space on the floor which is not already occupied, as long as that does not involve going through another player's space.



Basketball is NOT a non-contact sport. There will be some contact between players during the game that is legal and allowed. In general the defensive team have more responsibility to avoid contact, but a foul can also be called against a player on offense.


The most common types of foul seen in a game of basketball will be holding, pushing, blocking (or moving into the path of a moving opponent) and illegal use of hands (touching a player is not necessarily a foul, but gaining an advantage by doing so would be)