Mini Hockey Year 3&4

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Event description


Year 3&4


9th December



*Times may be subject to change so please keep an eye out


Primary School Host (TBD)



- Squad will consist of 10 players with 7 on the pitch at all times. On the pitch there should be at least 3 boys and 3 girls leaving the 7th person to be either gender.

- 5 minutes in each half

- Substitutions are roll on roll off.

- No goalkeepers
- A coin will be tossed to decide who begins the game in possession of the ball.
A free hit will be awarded to the opposing team when =
- The ball makes contact with a players feet
- The ball is lifted above knee height
- Aggressive/ over enthusiastic tackling
- A player contacts the ball with the rounded side of the stick during play.
- The stick is raised above hip height during a pass/ shot or tackle. (No hitting, only pushing or slap hitting the ball is permitted).

- Players taking free hits may begin play by passing the ball to themselves or by passing to another player.
- Shots can only be made at goal inside the D
- Should the ball make contact with a defenders feet in the D, a free hit will be awarded outside of the D. There will be no Short corners.
- If the ball is prevented from entering the goal by a defenders foot on the goal line, a penalty goal will be awarded.
- Should the ball be knocked off of the base line by the defending team, a long corner will be awarded to the attacking team. If it is knocked off by the attacking team, a hit out will be awarded to the defending team.
- If the ball travels over either side-line, a free hit will be awarded to the opposing team.
- Only one player may tackle the player with the ball at once.
- When a goal is scored, play will restart in the centre of the pitch with the ball being awarded to the non-scoring team.